Tankless Thetford RV Toilet Bowl Freshener

The Essentials

Harpic toilet block

White King Cistern Block available
good supermarkets, these fit
perfectly inside filter housing.
Water strainer.

3/4" Water Screen Filter available from
H2O SHOP on eBay for $20.90 inc post.
These are rated at 140psi so much more suitable than my first attempt.
JG non-return valve.

John Guest Non-Return Valve around
$14 at caravan spares.

An example of one way to do the job

How I achieved results, yours will no doubt be different.

This is the way I did the job by intercepting the main water feed to the toilet flush and inserting the filter canister with a non-return valve to stop any chance of the cleanser entering the water system. There is insufficient room in the toilet enclosure to fit the required plumbing and also there would be water spillage when replacing the cistern block so I thought it was best left under the van. I also fitted a stopcock before the filter to facilitate replacing the fragrance block. I had most of the fittings needed to connect it up just had to source 3/4" to 1/2" reducers to fit the filter to the JG fittings. I could not get any plastic versions but they may be available somewhere. Now every flush has a pleasing aroma :-) This was based on an idea told to me by Trevor Watson from Aussie Baby Boomers Forum


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